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Welcome to HaleNET!

HaleNET began operations on the Granite Belt in 1996 - HaleNET were the first Internet providers for the Stanthorpe and Tenterfield areas. Mid 1999, HaleNET began supplying local call internet access to Warwick, Allora, Clifton and surrounding areas.

HaleNET prides itself in keeping up with the latest technology - and has had a number of major and many minor upgrades over the years. HaleNET uses all digital modems and is continually increasing its modem bank to reflect customer demand.  HaleNET is a true Internet Service Provider and owns and manages its own POPs. We are not a virtual ISP. We have a 2MB link to the Optus network, which is the superior backbone provider in Australia. HaleNET uses a Cisco powered dial and router infrastructure, combined with Unix web servers all run on the FreeBSD Unix operating system. This is the same operating system that powers sites such as Yahoo and Hotmail.

HaleNET support the local community, and tries to encourage customers to do the same. HaleNET has a number of agents in our various locations and encourages customers to use these agents.

HaleNET employs local people and shops locally where possible. HaleNET also takes part in the Work Experience programmes in both Stanthorpe and Tenterfield Schools. HaleNET also sponsors worthwhile projects in the area, financially or otherwise.

Since opening its office in June 1998, HaleNET has continued to grow both in customer numbers and service offered. HaleNET looks forward to providing more services for thier customers, and thanks their many valued customers for their support and encouragement over the past 6 years.

Please contact us if you have any questions for us.

Or send an e-mail to: admin@halenet.com.au.

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