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Welcome to HaleNET. Your Local ISP.

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 HaleNET Announcements

Important Notice - Change of Dialup Access Numbers

As part of HaleNET's ongoing service improvement program we have decided that it is necessary to change the number you dial to gain access to the internet.

The new number 0198 380 607 will allow local call access from most if not all landlines.

The change will be a 2 step process
Step 1 is to log onto the internet and run the link below.
Step 2 is to add to the login username ie: instead of just the username

Thanks for your assistance.

HaleNET Broadband Rollout.

HaleNET is now providing Wireless broadband services in a number of areas. We can provide Wireless broadband, Optical broadband, 2way satellite and ADSL in areas where each of the technologies has coverage. We are still expanding our coverage and this will be ongoing.

 Tip of the Day

Why should I use HaleNET?

A few weeks ago I was asked "Why should I use HaleNET?". At the time there were other people there and I answered the question, to my amazement some of the other people in the room decided they wanted to answer the question for me. They did a better job than I did. Hence I decided I should put some thought into this.

This is what I came up with.

We offer all the services all other ISP's offer, plus we offer additional and better services in the following areas.

  • You know who you are dealing with. We actually own and maintain our own equipment, whether it be our dialup equipment or our web hosting equipment, unlike most other providers that resell someone elses product.
  • Virus Scanning of all incoming and outgoing email. Value $5.50 per month included
  • We filter incoming email now to reduce the amount of SPAM email that customers receive. Value $5.50 per month
  • We have a Modem and Line test service that customers can use to help diagnose problems. Value Heaps of time and frustration can be avoided.
  • Superior Phone support. We also understand the problems in the local area.
  • We have an Office and local agents, which are conveniently located and are accessible. You can get access to all the above services from just $5 per month
  • We have a National Dialup access number.

    Most importantly we reinvest profits back into providing better services to our customers. The more support we get the more we can invest in providing better service.

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