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HaleNET Broadband Internet..

What is Broadband?

Broadband internet is an internet connection where the speed is 256 kbps per second or above. There are many different "Broadband" connections. These include:

  • Wireless Broadband
  • Digital Subscriber Link commonly referred to as ADSL
  • Cable
  • Satelite
  • and FTTH, the newest form of broadband uses Optical fibre cable.

    How do I get broadband?.

    If you live in an ADSL enabled exchange then you can apply for an ADSL service right now. Simply goto The ADSL web page , view the options and apply. You must have a credit card or addtional charges may apply.

    If you are not in an ADSL enabled exchange then you will need to contact HaleNET to see what options are available in your area. Please send enquiries to Please notify me of my Broadband Options. It may be that your area qualifies to be connected under the Federal Governments Australian Broadband Guarantee program. For more information regarding ABG Click Here

    More information about the HaleNET Broadband Offerings

    HaleNET will be offering broadband using 4 delivery methods

  • ADSL
  • Wireless
  • Optical Fibre
  • satelite

    Why the three differnt methods?

    HaleNET has chosen these 3 methods because no 1 method fits all situations.
    ADSL is only available in ADSL enabled exchanges, where the customers telephone line is copper all the way back to the enabled exchange. This limitation prevents many customers from being able to access ADSL.
    ADSL also requires that we go through Telstra for the delivery and that customers have a Telstra preselected telephone line.

    Wireless is a good delivery method, however over 2 years of testing and development has identified that the requirement for a direct line of sight to a repeater is a genuine limitation. Trees and buildings often impeed the path. This requires more repeaters to cover an area.

    Optical fibre is the technology of the future. We have identified that by using optical fibre to the premises or home that we can overcome many of the limitations of both ADSL and wireless while at the same time providing a long term communications solution.
    We have chosen our equipment vendors for the optical solution

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